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Comments from Teachers:

Eisenhower High School

A. S., English Teacher

(shows seen-- Macbeth / Romeo & Juliet)

A terrific experience. Really great work.

We were concerned the shows wouldn't be very complete because we were told they would run two hours and there isn't a "set"-- but both productions were full-length and felt almost uncut and no one even noticed the show was minimalist.  The acting company is terrific-- my students were able to understand and follow the show far beyond the level I thought they would. The Q & A with company afterwards was a real treat as the company was thought-provoking and educational and charming.

Oak Park - River Forest High School

B. H., English Teacher

(shows seen-- Macbeth / Romeo & Juliet)

The greatest compliment I can offer Shakespearean actors is that they are good readers of Shakespeare. You all are great readers of Shakespeare. I had no doubt that you have a justified interpretation for every line you read. You articulately the shows beautifully, which allowed the students to keep up and appreciate it.

In Macbeth, the students thought the main leads were amazing, although not always what they thought they would be, like they thought Lady Macbeth would be meaner and Duncan older and more feeble and Macbeth more angry—your leads were very nuanced—“like people” they said.   

Adlai Stevenson High School

J. C., English Teacher

(show seen-- Julius Caesar)

It was just what I hoped for (as a teacher) but maybe not what my kids expected—they really liked the modernization-- which helped them see it all as "real"-- and said it was much easier to follow then they thought it would be.  I think they were intimidated before the show, but excited about it afterwards.  My students felt it brought the text alive for them.

Maine South High School

T. K., English Teacher

(show seen-- Macbeth)

Your production of Macbeth is clever, creative, thought-provoking, and powerful.

It was so much more than I'd hoped for.

And my students especially enjoyed the discussion afterwards. Thank you for being so approachable.

Hinsdale Central High School

J. B., English Teacher

(show seen-- Romeo & Juliet)

I had forgotten just how much fun the first half of Romeo & Juliet can be-- light and bright.  My students positively howled with laughter.

This production showed why schools still teach Romeo & Juliet and why audiences still love it.

The performers were top notch, some of the best I've ever seen on stage, and I'm thrilled that they were able to come to my schools and put up such a great show.

We will definitely do this again and again.

Marist High School

L.M., English Teacher

(shows seen-- Julius Caesar / Macbeth)


Just excellent.

Julius Caesar is a play that often gets too confusing for a young reader; this production made it easily understood, made the stakes so high, the situations so real, and the language so clear.

Macbeth was dark, but not one note.  My students were really able to see the descent into madness the main characters.

The actors in Patches shows are some of the very best around.

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