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The Tragedy of

Romeo & Juliet

The epic, funny, and tragic tale of young lovers brought low by their families' hate.

Our production run-time is about 100 minutes and playss fast and furious. Costuming, combat (sword fights), and properties are all period specific for 1430.

Our purpose is to be true to Shakespeare's texts and not to let some "concept" or design interfere with understanding of the language and yet allow expected aspects of classical theatre free reign.

The Patches use minimal stage effects and scenery; but scenes of violence and what might be deemed "PG-13" content (ie. ribaldry and innuendo) are common in Shakespeare and part of the production. There is no nudity or added content.

Love goes toward Love as school-boyes from their books
But Love from Love, towards schoole with heavie lookes.

"I had no idea this play was so funny-- I almost forgot how it ends, and I just finished reading it last week!"

         Student Comment

Cast List / Company information to be added in November...


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