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The Tragedy of


The dark and angry tale of a strong and loyal warlord lead astray by ambition.

Our production's run-time is about 100 minutes and plays fast and furious.  Costuming, combat (sword fights), and properties are all period specific for 1040 AD.

Our purpose is to be true to Shakespeare's texts and not to let some "concept" or design interfere with understanding of the language and yet allow expected aspects of classical theatre free reign.

The Patches use minimal stage effects and scenery; but scenes of violence and what might be deemed "PG-13" content (ie. ribaldry and innuendo) are common in Shakespeare and part of the production. There is no nudity or added content.

Hee's heere in double trust;
First, as I am his Kinsman, and his Subject,
Strong both against the Deed: Then, as his Host,
Who should against his Murtherer shut the doore,
Not beare the knife my selfe.

"I never understood how he could do all of the things he did-- it just didn't seem believable when I read it.  Now I get what my teacher was talking about.  What a great play."

                      Student Comment

Cast / Company info will be added in November.

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