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Tina Muñoz Pandya
Lady Montague & Nurse / Rosse

Tina Muñoz Pandya is an actor, musician, and teaching artist based out of Chicago. You may have seen her onstage locally at Court Theatre, Theater Wit, Chicago Children's Theatre, The House Theatre of Chicago, Jackalope Theatre, and Shattered Globe Theatre, among others.

She also enjoys galavanting around the country and has toured with Montana Shakespeare in the Parks, The Hypocrites' wildly popular actor-musician Gilbert and Sullivan repertory, and the National Players.

She occasionally guests with a few bands around Chicago, and is a teaching artist with Chicago Children's Theatre. 

When she's not running around doing all that, you can find her cooking, learning new instruments, watching British crime dramas, experimenting with accents, or recording for various different audio projects.

Check out her podcast, We the People present: A Podcast, and hear her do a bunch of silly voices on the Chicago-based audio drama (created by fellow Patches Ian and Lauren) The Vanishing Act!

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