A Crew of Patches is a fully vaccinated company: all our artists have proven their fully vaccinated status. While in your building, all our artists will be masked, for their protection and yours.  This may change as conditions on the ground change, but for now, it's all masks all the time unless onstage in performance.


We also ask that the changing room and any halls between the changing room and the stage be free of students or staff for the time allotted for the set-up of the show, the performance, and the break-down of the show.


As the Patches will be performing at schools across northern Illinois, we know there will be many local regulations and rules that might differ from our protocols. But the safety of our artists and your students is our guiding principle and the above rules are not negotiable. If the rules are not followed on the day of the performance, the Patches will leave your school immediately and refunds will not be issued.

In case a school needs to become virtual due to an emergency, the performance will be postponed until schools are back in session.